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Dizzy Heights!

Where has January disappeared to? One minute it was New Year’s Eve and suddenly we’re almost in February. I’ve been working non-stop – well, I’ve broken off to make teas and coffees for the builders who are yet to finish the complete refurbishment of my house and seen my sister for strolls round the delightful historic town of Lewes – but mainly I’ve been chuntering along with the third book in my series: The Bletchley Park Girls. This new one is as yet untitled, although I’m hoping the Avon HarperCollins’ team will think the one I have in mind is as perfect as I do!

Winter Wedding at Bletchley Park, published at the end of last year, made no 2 on Amazon in Military Romance, War Story Fiction and Saga, and Summer Secrets at Bletchley Park, published last spring, did actually hit the no 1 spot in the same categories! I’d like to thank all the lovely reviewers who filled in lots of stars on the Ratings and Reviews of those two books which pushed me to such dizzy heights.

It’s wonderful and slightly humbling to read how people are enjoying my books. It truly gives me the inspiration to press on with the current draft and begin planning the new story which will (hopefully) follow but is usually at this juncture only in maddeningly hazy fragments. Planning a brand-new story with new heroine and hero is a really special part of being a fiction writer. I love seeing how my heroine in particular develops as I keep in close contact with her from beginning to end, although I do pop into the head of the hero occasionally if I feel he’s burning to tell his side of the story when he’s been misunderstood!

On the 11th February, in the afternoon, I’m giving a talk on Bletchley Park and a book signing in Ringmer, the village where I moved to a few months ago. If you’re in the Lewes area on that day, I’d be delighted to see you, but you do need to book at Ringmer Library. You can email them at SaveRingmerLibrary@mail.com (note, it’s not ‘gmail’ but simply ‘mail’) And after the talk, for a mere £5 per head, you can enjoy a nostalgic afternoon tea with like-minded readers. I think it’s going to be fun and I’m looking forward to hearing anyone who has Bletchley Park connections.

Will see you in March (if not before at the talk!) and in the meantime, Happy Reading!


Google Maps link for Ringmer Village Hall    Post code for your GPS/satnav:  BN8 5QH