A warm welcome to everyone!

I’m delighted you’ve found me, and I hope over the coming months – and years! – you will accompany me on my journeys into the past, to bring to life those brave women and men who sacrificed so much in the two world wars of the 20th century.

You’ll find I mainly concentrate on the Second World War, and my novels reflect women and girls in some of the more unusual jobs and situations for those times – occasionally being extinct in the 21st century!

But women only had a fraction of the opportunities we have nowadays. My aim in telling these stories is to try to bring them closer to us, showing they felt the same emotions such as fear, desperation, misery, joy, love and happiness in their work and friendships and love affairs as we feel a century later.

My nine published novels form three trilogies, but each book can easily be read in any order as they all stand alone. However, if you read them in the order I wrote them, it gives a satisfying continuity to the characters and settings.

So if you’ve never read a Molly Green novel, I hope you’ll be intrigued enough to give one a go. And if you’ve read one or more, or better still, all nine(!) there’ll be news of forthcoming titles on the bi-monthly blogpost as well as any events in my life that I’d love to share with you.

The first major change in my life is that two years after the death of my husband, Edward Stanton, I moved to Ringmer village, near Lewes. I was ready for a change and it’s worked so well with my sister already in the town. My builders did a complete refurbishment of the  dated bungalow I’d bought and then I needed a writing office in the garden. I told my builders I wanted it to look like the carriage of a train! I wish you could have seen their faces. Then one said, ‘If you let us build a carriage, it will be the highlight of our decade! You can see the result from the photographs. All that’s left to be done is the livery. One of the builders is a professional signwriter so he’ll be cracking on with that during the first warm dry spell. Keep an eye open for updated photographs!

Denise's 1st class compartment

The First Class compartment in my writing carriage!

Do please make yourselves known to me. I love it when a reader gets in touch.

Molly Green